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Moblo premium

Moblo allows you to model your ideas for free in 3D, the premium version unlocks more features:
- Saving of several 3D scenes in parallel.
- Unlimited number of 3D elements for each scene.
- Unlock all types of 3D elements.
- Unlock all materials and colors.
- Possibility to duplicate a 3D element.
- No filagram on snapshots.
- Sharing of a creation to other Moblo apps.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality feature for viewing 3D models in your environment is available for free. But the feature is only available on the Android and iOS platforms (on all ARCore & ARKit compatible phones).

If you are more comfortable drawing in 3D on a computer, you can use the "share" feature to transfer one of your creations from your computer to a smartphone, in order to use the augmented reality vision.

Why use Moblo ?

Moblo is a free 3D modeling software for everyone. The main use of Moblo is the design and assembly of furniture in 3D but you can also use it to draw all kinds of simple objects. Moblo is also the perfect tool for beginners who want to discover the 3D modeling basics.

Transfer your creations

All your creations are saved locally on your device. If you want to copy a creation to another Moblo application, use the "share" feature.

From your gallery click on the "..." button of one of your creations and select "Share".

On another Moblo app, use the generated code to copy the creation.

⚠ The generated code is only available one month.

⚠ Shared creations are copied from a Moblo application to another but they are not synchronized. For any modifications, you will have to generate a new code.

Start creating !

Design your next piece of furniture in 3D with the easiest 3D modeling experience designed for touch.